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Does your machine’s consumables have detection and protection function,such as RFID and chip systems?

Yes, RFID (chip) are equipped on consumption bottle for protection.

After purchasing your machines, are we able to purchase ink from our local ink supplier for use?Or can we only use your ink?

Generally speaking ,original imported ink like VDJ、leibinger、markem-image can be used, normal ink could also be fine. Ink with special capability are not guaranteed .

How many machines do you have?

Currently we are promoting three items of machine for oversea market.

Small charter CIJ printer named M824, micro character CIJ printer called M865-2 and a handheld inkjet printer, M3.

There are much more item of machines on sale in china domestic market, these would gradually be promoted to international market in future.

How long is the service life of filter?

 The filter core life is 12 to 24 months.

 How long is the service life of pump?

The service life of pump is 8 years.

What is the working principle of CIJ?

The working principle of the dot matrix printer is that ink is continuously ejected from the nozzle because of pressure, and breaks after the crystal oscillates to form an ink dot. The ink dot is charged and high-pressure deflected to form characters on the surface of the moving object.

The ink in the main tank is pressurized by a supply pump, and a columnar liquid is ejected from the nozzle. The cylindrical liquid vibrates through the piezoelectric elements to determine the size of the ink particles.Each ink particle has a corresponding voltage to electrify it. When the charged ink particles pass between the deflecting electrodes, they determine their own bias according to their charge amount and reach the surface of the printed matter.

Unused ink particles pass through the recovery tank and flow back into the main tank for recycling. The printer has an automatic control system of precision and concentration. The auxiliary tank and the solvent tank respectively supply the ink and the solvent to a certain concentration, and then supply the main tank. Furthermore, CIJ can be flexibly applied to various sizes of protective film with different nozzle moving devices.

What should you pay attention to when switching on CIJ and DOD printers?

BTMARK after-sales engineers often hear the customer ask such a question when repairing the machine. The reason is after many people buy the device operate casually and turning on and off frequently.

Too often turn on and off the printer, which will affect any device. The same is true in the printer. Because of the computer program control system, when we boot and shut down too fast, it will affect the performance of the device. I believe that the current in many computer chips is too high. It is caused by the reason of booting and shutting down. At the same time, the frequent operation of the switch machine will also cause waste of consumables. After the machine supplies ink, it will automatically extract a certain volume of solvent and ink for blending. After the ink is stopped, the remaining proportioned ink will all flow into the ink tank. Once the ink in the ink tank is too much, the ink will overflow. So every operator needs to follow the instructions.

Post time: Apr-19-2019