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  • Fiber laser marking machine future advantages

    The advantages of miniaturization and intensiveness brought by the low cost of glass fiber manufacturing, mature technology and the availability of optical fiber;   The glass fiber does not require a strict phase matching like the crystal for the incident pump light. This is due to the wide ...
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  • Laser marking machine has brought huge changes to the metal industry

         Metal laser marking machine can be divided into semiconductor laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, suitable for any metal material, stainless steel metal product manufacturing field introduced laser marking technology, greatly changed the working environment, greatly improved ...
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  • The production environment is a factor to be considered in the use of inkjet printer

    In the food and beverage industry, the product packaging often needs to spurt the printing mark, generally includes many variables information, facilitates the manufacturer to carry on the market management effectively, thus spurts the code technology to be widely used in the food industry. inkje...
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  • Exhibition information

    Exhibition information

    We are Shenzhen BTMark Coding&Marking Solution Technology Company. We will Join the Jakarta exhibition in Indonesia on October 30th to November 1th. In the booth you can see our M8 CIJ printer, M3 handheld printer and some printing samples, we will give you the wholeheartly service and share ...
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  • Company Activities

    Company Activities

    The strategic significance of the company's launch of the BTMARK  After more than ten years of hard work,  YUNGCHIA  company has established a good “YUNGCHIA” brand image with its excellent inkjet printer quality and professional service.     In the fierce competition in...
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  • About BTMark

    About BTMark

    About BTMark BTMARK is a brand specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing inkjet identification solutions. By adhering to the “efficient and intelligent” product development concept, BTMARK has been committed to providing global users with professional identification solutions.   ...
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